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Jim Kehler kh2d at kuentos.guam.net
Wed Mar 8 02:38:24 EST 2000

Hi Dave,

I  figured that was the case. The problem now is that with all the 
Telnet connections and the global scope of the cluster, what goes on
with one network goes on worldwide. K1EP sent me an email with an 
excellent idea:

"As far as contest vs. non-contest, there should be a way to prefix 
spots such that a non-contester can filter them out."

I imagine the great majority of contest spots are sent by people using 
contest software - put in the call, hit a function key to send the spot.

It would be very simple for the software authors to add a standard 
comment to any spot generated with contest software - "<CONTEST>"
or whatever, anything that is unique and not normally seen in a spot 
comment field. It would then be simple for nodes/people who didn't 
want to see them to filter them. I would imagine that contest software
ignores the comment field in spots anyway, so people in the contest 
wouldn't even know they were doing it. 

It might even be beneficial to contesters - the DX'ers would still be 
using the cluster system for their normal activities, and spotting things
the contesters might need, instead of turning things off for the 
weekend or not being able to use the cluster because their local node
choked on all the spots. 

A much simpler solution than plugging up all the leaks in local systems
on contest weekends, and one that would be beneficial to everybody.

73, Jim KH2D

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Jim Kehler wrote:
> > quick way to let others know not to try to work the misspotted station.
> Why would you want to do that ? I thought the object of a contest was to
> beat the 'other guys'.  Maybe you could enlighten me and explain just who
> these 'others' are and why you are concerned with how well they do in
> the contest.

as one of the first users of packet to spot dx during a contest the whole reason
of it was to improve the club results.  the new england network was built
basically by the YCCC to help multi op stations improve their scores to add to
the club aggregate.

David Robbins K1TTT (ex KY1H)
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