[CQ-Contest] SOC Explanation

Bob Patten n4bp at bc.seflin.org
Thu Mar 9 03:57:50 EST 2000

I'm posting this at the risk of inserting my foot even further into 
mouth, a talent for which I'm infinitely qualified.

Yesterday, I posted some information about the newly formed "Second Class 
Operator's Club" along with the rules for the first running of their sprint.
This group was started as a gag with no expectation that the idea would 
catch on as it did!  It was most certainly NOT meant as a slam against 
the First Class Operator's Club!  I know many members of FOC and have 
great respect for them as the first class operators that they are.  
One premise of SOC is that there are no restrictions for membership as in 
FOC.  I've since been informed that FOC has been short of their 500 
member limit for some time.  For SOC, there are no requirments for 
nomination as in FOC.  The SOC membership has been recruited nearly 100% 
from the QRP community on the QRP-L reflector.

I should probably not have posted anything regarding SOC to this 
reflector and, if I have offended anyone, I humbly apologize.  Again, 
this was started as a gag, but has caught on to the tune of nearly 300 
members, many of whom are enthusiastic about club activities.

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