[CQ-Contest] Plaque for Multi - Single LOW POWER

Valeri Stefanov wally at el-soft.com
Thu Mar 9 12:32:22 EST 2000

Hello ,
I am currently considering to sponsor a plaque for the category
which at present is not included either in CQWW or CQWPX
contests - Multi-Single LOW POWER.( of course if any of
contest managers or committees agree to have such plaque
listed ).
Since there are a lot of guys who can not afford a big amplifiers
or can not devote a whole weekend to a given contest I decided
to try to convince them to "go for it" and have fun making some
QSOs and giving the others few more points, without the need to
be the strongest station on the bands or having to stay awake
for long hours.Getting older myself I have realised it's a great fun to
be able to take part in the contest while being in a company of
your friends. No big investments plus a good company would
mean a lot of fun for many hams who earlier were not keen on=20
taking part because of the money and time involved in a=20
serious SO or MO participation?
Before taking my final decision I would like to hear your comments
on my idea. Do you think this plaque will help to get more little
pistols into the game  and to increase fun for everyone ?
Please, also tell me your prefference - CQWW (SSB) or=20
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Wally LZ2CJ

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