[CQ-Contest] RE Query's about "Lowe modification" on TS940

00tlzivney at bsuvc.bsu.edu 00tlzivney at bsuvc.bsu.edu
Sat Mar 11 08:34:50 EST 2000

Lowes is a British dealer, with website www.lowe.co.uk.  Don't know
if they still do/have that mod.

In 1986, NCJ published a two part review (trashing) of the TS940 by K1GQ.
In the Sept/Oct issue he discusses the Lowe mod, and presents a 
schematic which is HIS understanding of the mod - quite simple 
addition of move RC filtering on the VCO control lines.  He correctly
cautions that this may affect other parts of VCO stability, and says
that the "clicks" when tuning become more pronounced.  

Terry Zivney, N4TZ/9
n4tz at arrl.net

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