[CQ-Contest] Plaque for Multi - Single LOW POWER

Valeri Stefanov wally at el-soft.com
Sat Mar 11 17:20:02 EST 2000

Hi Wigi,

I must agree with you on the chance this plaque to
be won by EA9,PJ4 etc. most of the time.
At the same time you have not made any other suggestion.
Do you have a better idea how to encourage these guys
in countries which allow low power only or those who have
no money for big amplifiers (BTW ,one could make quite a 
good antennas for 5 000 USD saved from not buying the 
PA) ?

I personally think that such plaque will be more appropriate
for CQ WPX contest where it is easier for stations in EU
or US or JA  to compete with  those who went to P40 for 

CQWW contests are still way ahead of WPX ,if number
of participants is the base for comparisson. At the same 
time I'm biased towards WPX since I think it gives more
chances to so called "ordinary" contesters to compete
with these located at favoured QTHs.

So, if Steve N8BJQ is keen on the idea I will be glad to
sponsor the plaque for WPX SSB with someone else
sponsoring the CW plaque.

73's Wally LZ2CJ

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