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<< W7LT runs 4A QRP M/M for Field Day. We typically split modes 2 & 2. One of
 the stations runs 40 & 20 CW, while another runs 40 & 20 PH (a 3rd and 4th
 run 80/10/15 CW and PH, respectively). Problem is that the 40 CW station has
 been blanking the 40 PH station >>

Hard to imagine a problem with just qrp, but....  Try using cross 
polarization for the antennas.  Put the vertically polarized antenna in line 
with the null for the horizontally polarized antenna.  Get them as far apart 
from each other as possible.  We used to do this as HP m/m (not field day) 
and we could get within 5 kc of each other (10m) w/o a problem.  Horizontal 
stuff was 10 over 10.  About 600' away (maybe more?) were a pair of phased 
verticals.  I placed the verticals off the ends of the elements when the 
yagis were pointed at Europe.  Of course, I'm not sure how well this would 
work with a vertical on 40 for USA to USA qso's.  Worth a try on receive 

de Doug KR2Q

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