[CQ-Contest] New SS Category Proposal

Dean Norris dnorris at k7no.com
Mon Mar 13 08:39:16 EST 2000

At 23:23 03/12/2000, N7RX wrote:

>I'm not against the new category, but I'm having a hard time understanding
>how it will increase participation. Some big gun who's short on time will
>win the category. Big deal. The rank and file aren't playing to win anyway,
>so I'm not sure that a new time-limited category will bring anybody out of
>the wood-work.
>I bet most people spend as much time as they have on the test and don't pay
>whole lot of attention to the clock. The better idea is to have an extended
>contest period so that they can flip on the radio anytime between when they
>get home for work on Friday and when they go to get the kids' pizza on
>Sunday and dabble in the contest. This will attract more casual ops, which,
>I think, are the folks we need more of. I'd even do it from 6 pm local time
>Friday to 6 pm local time Sunday - the east coast would start 3 hours
>earlier and end three hour earlier then left coast, and I bet you a buck
>you'd get more people involved. You'd be surprised at the number of hams who
>can't convert local to Z without a table.
>The "serious" people can work any 24 or 8 or whatever as SOLP1R, SOHP2R,
>MMHP74R or whatever - they'll show-up no matter what. Just add AA4NC's
>hilarious DX test rule suggestion #5 modified for the domestic test - "All
>can claim credit for working W3LPL, KC1XX, K3LR, N2RM, etc. without having
>actually work them" and get on with it.
>73 Neal N7RX

I like the idea.  I never enter a contest to WIN.  My goal is to 
participate and do the best that "I" can.  Since I am getting older, the 
idea of lengthy contests is not met with enthusiasm.  This proposed type of 
entry would allow me to participate and be somewhat competitive.

A win to me is bettering my last score by 1 point.  If that one point gives 
me the win, so be it.

$0.02 de K7NO

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