[CQ-Contest] CQ Listening time (Was Voice Keyer)

Bill Coleman AA4LR aa4lr at radio.org
Mon Mar 13 15:45:39 EST 2000

On 3/13/00 2:05 PM, Ron Stordahl at ron.stordahl at digikey.com wrote:

>I don't even rank in the competition, but I don't need 3 seconds to listen
>for a reply to my CQ.  I would guess a reasonable time would be 1.5 seconds.

I think it depends on the contest and the propagation at the time. 

Let's assume that you use the repeat CQ when there are no outstanding 
callers. (Otherwise, you'll call QRZ, your callsign, or just plain work 
the next guy calling) 

In some contests, callers may be timid to call. At the recent ARRL DX CW, 
I noted a number of cases early, early Sunday on 20m where callers would 
wait 1-2 seconds before sending anything. In this case, a short listening 
time could be detrimental, and might scare off callers.

If you are SO2R, you might like the short listening cycle. The extra 
noise generated by the primary radio can make it difficult to hunt on the 
second radio.

It also may depend on your sending speed. At NQ4I's recently, I noticed 
that I preferred a 3.5-4.0 second wait on a CQ, but Rick would set around 
3.2 seconds. My sending speed is about 26 wpm, compared to Rick's roughly 
32 wpm, and that makes a difference.

But the most annoying thing is to have the auto-CQ go off when you hear 
someone calling. For that reason alone, it may be nice to have a longer 
delay. If you want a shorter delay, activate the keyer manually.

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