[CQ-Contest] Computer and paper logs

i4jmy at iol.it i4jmy at iol.it
Wed Mar 15 16:24:04 EST 2000

Top scores/scorer should be always required to submit their log in a 
computerized form.

As well as someone runs several kilometers, and by foot, to place 
beverages and doing many other bigger efforts and expences (than 
logging in a PC)as the unavoidable job to finally perform the contest 
in a competitive way, the computerized log must be something to accept 
as a part of the game (read "rules").

A computer generated log in case of serious efforts is quite an help in 
both sides, not certainly a problem and top scorer who still opposes to 
it, is probably resisting with an hidden hope to discourage accurate 
checks in his log by the extra work he forces the contest managment to 

Sorry if the above wasn't elaborated in a politically correct form and 
someone may get hurt, it wasn't the aim.

Mauri I4JMY 

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