[CQ-Contest] New SS Category Proposal

k8cc k8cc at mediaone.net
Thu Mar 16 00:54:51 EST 2000

I agree that new categories will inspire more stations to get on the air in
SS.  I also wholeheartedly agree with my good friend K9TM that SS is not
broke, and that a lot of people clamoring for change don't understand SS.
These people need to sit down and do a full 24 hour SS effort in either the
"A" or "B" categories.  Either mode - but realize that CW and SSB have
different issues.  Do this for five years straight - then you will
understand SS and your opinion will have some experience behind it.

Over the years, creating new categories has not made a significant change in
the SS activity levels.  Mostly, what happened was that the same die-hard
SSers simply shifted to another category.

Here are three things which I believe have had significant impact on SS
activity levels:

- If there is an empty weekend between CQWW SSB and SS CW (obviously,
applies only to the CW SS).
- The original SS PINS program (not my cup of tea, but lots of people dig
- High sunspots, which allows southern and western stations to capitalize on
28 MHz to work lots of Novice/Tech types on SSB.

Note that none of this has to do with categories.

What I believe is needed is more local or regional recognition, or creative
marketing by the clubs to get people on the air.  For a lot of people,
national recognition is simply not in the cards due to station limitations,
time, geography or whatever.  To attract these people and get them on the
air, we need to make them want to operate because they are having fun




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