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>  All that said, when I called yesterday to the League, they could not find 
>  log. Now Bill says it was always there. Confusing?
>  Al, NH7A

The idea of forwarding to CA was to avoid loses. That was my first thought 
about reports of logs failing to arrive. Was a check of the second repository 
made ?

I have been lucky so far, but I make sure that as I close a contest the file 
is sent to ARRL within a few minutes, then transferred into the word 
processor where is is sent in an e-mail as text, attached as a text file, and 
FAX'd to ARRL.

I always felt most confident in the FAX but always got e-mail confirmations 
from Billy in short order.

I am not sure that mail is being opened at ARRL as fast as it had been. I 
have heard several complaints of lost items in both contesting and DX areas 
that are merely not opened yet. Unfortunately some are an embarrassing 3 
months old.

  73, Bob Reed W2CE

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