[CQ-Contest] New SS Category Proposal

Bill Coleman AA4LR aa4lr at radio.org
Thu Mar 16 11:59:02 EST 2000

On 3/15/00 10:13 AM, Mitchell, Tim (T.K.) at tmitche4 at visteon.com wrote:

>Tom wrote:
>>Best way to keep interest up on Sunday is to be able work
>>stations on more than one band.
>Oh boy, I have stayed out of this until this comment was made.  Now I can't
>resist anymore.

To which I would add -- We ALREADY HAVE a domestic contest which allows 
Qs and mults once per bad. It is called the North American QSO Party 
(NAQP), and runs every January and August for both CW and Phone, and in 
July for RTTY.

>The absolute worst thing that could ever happen to SS is to change it to Q's
>and/or mults once per band!  This would kill SS.  SS has its own strategy
>and flavor.  Please learn to enjoy it as is.

Yes, leave SS alone. If you want a contest that's more of a QSO-fest, 
NAQP fits the bill nicely.

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