[CQ-Contest] Reeee: New Blood in Contesting

hrle at rkp.ice.hr hrle at rkp.ice.hr
Fri Mar 17 16:17:26 EST 2000

Hi folks/contesters,
Nice subject indeed. 
I would like just to give a note that there's not only contesting
we need new blood in, whole ham-radio hobby is dieing. 
I worked few contests where there is age as exchanging. 
Avarage age in my log was around 52 years!!!
Does this means in 20-30 years ham-radio and so contesting is history?
Hope not.
73 from kind a new blood (5 contest years behind me) operator.
9A6NHH - age 16. Hrle

This weekend dont forget to work Russian Dx Contest and if nothing put rates
up in last hours :)

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