[CQ-Contest] Reeee: New Blood in Contesting

Bob N7CZ n7cz at hamsnet.net
Fri Mar 17 21:39:47 EST 2000

One thought I have not seen regarding average age is one of finicial
I am 33 and contest & DX etc.. In fact I am an avid CW op. 
Many of the new guys around here want to be active in Contesting & dxing
etc, however, they do not have the finicial resources to do so. I have been
activating our modest club station for contestes over the past several
months (W7ECA) and have had many come up to 'learn' contest condx
operatiing skills.

Perhaps the younger folks are still working on living life and not able to
participate in this exciting part of the hobby. Those of us with good
careers still have those BIG student loans to pay off....hi

For example; at 33, I have been a ham for 10 years and just purchased our
first home a year ago. The tower has been up since September 1999. I have
been interested in contesting almost from the beginning.

Just my 2 cents worth.
Bob N7CZ
Great Falls, MT
> Avarage age in my log was around 52 years!!!
> Does this means in 20-30 years ham-radio and so contesting is history?

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