[CQ-Contest] Re: Band reject filtes

John Unger w4au at contesting.com
Thu Mar 23 11:39:05 EST 2000

Dennis -

I'll confess to having blundered and transmitted into my ICE BP
filter with the xcvr set on one band and the filter on another a few
times - fortunately, with no ill effects.

I have one radio set up for autoswitching of the filters but the
other needs to be manually changed; sometimes difficult for me to
remember to do during those brain-dead times in a contest. You would
think that the low receive signal levels would give me a clue...

I imagine that SWR and other factors have an effect on whether or
not such blunders do any permanent damage to the BP filters. As
always YMMV.

73  - John, W4AU

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