[CQ-Contest] SP DX Contest

Tomek SP5UAF tomek at dendro.sggw.waw.pl
Fri Mar 24 13:48:48 EST 2000


During the coming weekend we will meet in WPX SSB. After that, during
the first weekend of April you are welcome to participate in SP DX Contest
(first organized in 1930).

Please have a look at SP DX Contest WWW, where you can find all information
about the contest as well as about Polish Awards. Contest rules are published in
eight languages (G, F, DL, CT, LA, I, UA, BY).

SP DX Contest WWW - http://dendro.sggw.waw.pl/sp5zcc/spdxc/spdxc.htm

If you have any questions please e-mail to us. We will try to help.

Head of the SP DX Contest 2000 Committee

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