[CQ-Contest] "LAST 2" - Personal Experiences

Bill Coleman AA4LR aa4lr at radio.org
Tue Mar 28 10:52:32 EST 2000

On 3/27/00 9:17 PM, Jon Ogden at jono at enteract.com wrote:

>And what really frustrated me is best described by the following:
>KE9NA:  CQ Contest from KE9NA
>Other:  Tango Foxtrot
>KE9NA:  Tango Foxtrot full call
>Other:  Italy Bravo Zero Juliet Tango Foxtrot (I made up this call just now)
>KE9NA: IB0JTF 591245
>This happened numerous times.  The guy was given the mic to give his call
>and my report but only gave his call.  And there was no need to do it that
>way.  It made for an extra transmission for him and for me.

As a little pistol, I disagree.

Ills of the last 2 aside, there's no way a CQing station is going to get 
a report from me until I'm reasonably sure he has my callsign right. Why? 
Well, it was hard enough to break the pileup the first time. All I need 
is for the station to say "KA4LU 59 1234 QRZ?" Then I have to break the 
pileup AGAIN to get my callsign corrected. Holding out on the report is 
the only way I can keep the other station's attention.

>I must say I have been more successful breaking pileups since being taught
>to give full callsigns and I have begun teaching others as well.  Perhaps
>someone can learn from my observations here.

I always give my full callsign, but the other station doesn't always 
receive it. 

Seems like the world would be a better place if 
a) calling stations always gave their full calls
b) cqing stations always gave their calls after every Q

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>From Igor Sokolov" <ua9cdc at dialup.mplik.ru  Tue Mar 28 18:17:29 2000
From: Igor Sokolov" <ua9cdc at dialup.mplik.ru (Igor Sokolov)
Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2000 00:17:29 +0600
Subject: [CQ-Contest] The fourth dupe
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> Wouldn't want to be the log checkers going through his log +ACE-   At
> it wasn't as bad as the guys on 10M working CBer's from around the
> world :-)

I would not be surprised to find your call in his log put as KH8R. There is
Russian letter X that translates correctly into H. There is also Russian
letter H that translates into N. So my opinion - he could easily work you 3
times plus one dupe :)

Igor, UA9CDC

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