[CQ-Contest] "LAST 2" - Personal Experiences

Bill Coleman AA4LR aa4lr at radio.org
Tue Mar 28 11:50:56 EST 2000

On 3/28/00 10:00 AM, Mitchell, Tim (T.K.) at tmitche4 at visteon.com wrote:

>Personally I do the following...

I don't think that's a great idea:

>KE9NA:  CQ Contest from KE9NA
>Other:  Tango Foxtrot
>KE9NA:  Tango Foxtrot 59 1245 (might even say what's ur call)
>Other:  qsl Italy Bravo Zero Juliet Tango Foxtrot 59 350

Other(2): qsl Italy Fox Two Whiskey Tango Foxtrot 59 100 
  (whom you didn't hear)
Other(n): ....

>KE9NA:  qsl qrz

So, the two or more Tango Foxtrots that reply (not to mention the Tango 
Limas, Whiskey Foxtrots and Lima Uniforms) all will think they worked 
you. And you'll wonder later why you got all these QSL cards that are not 
in your log....

You failed to give the complete callsign of the guy you worked! If you're 
calling CQ, that's a MUST. (I hate it when I call in, someone busts my 
callsign and I correct it, only to have the station reply, "QSL, QRZ?")

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