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Martin Luther luther at mail.mdt.net.au
Thu Mar 30 06:32:33 EST 2000

> Tony N2TK wrote:-
> * One bad habit the "last 2" folks have gotten into, is that they have been
> sending their last 2 so long that they think its their entire call. It is
> amazing how many times that the "last 2" folks don't give their entire call
> when you come back to their 2 letters. Sometimes you have to ask what is
> their call then they act surprised. Maybe when we are on the dx end we
> assume that the dx knows who we are when the last 2 is given.

I couldn't agree more.This is the one most frustrating experiences that  I
get regularly in pile ups.

Xfgv tk gbhj co n
TK your 5930
Thanks 5904
TK what's your call vk5gn
(Says Sorry  and gives call)

Or - even more frustrating nothing comes back.

I actually suspect that these clowns NEVER make a two way QSO. They are so
used to working DX via the nets that they actually never need to listen to
what is said to them. They put out their last 2. The net controller feeds
them in and it is up to the DX station to get their call. They know their
report will be 59. In any case  it doesn't matter in the DX net whether they
receive  their report or not  after a few quesses the net control lets them
know when they have it correct. They send off their QSL card and do not even
need to have heard anything said by the DX station. Hence they have no
receiving skills.

In the contest situation add in the packet cluster to feed them the DX call
and again they do not need to receive anything to make a QSO. Hence they are
not really listening to what they are asked to do.

Yep, I know I'm exaggerating the situation a little but I think there is a
decreasing ability for the average ham to listen and receive accurately in a
noisy HF environment

Martin VK5GN
 luther @mail.mdt.net.au

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