[CQ-Contest] Last 2 - no thanks

Kelly Taylor ve4xt at mb.sympatico.ca
Thu Mar 30 12:27:27 EST 2000


I think the practice of last 2 sucks, and here's why:

If you send your full call, there's often a good chance the CQer will
get it in one go.

If you send your last two, there's a zero per cent chance.

Good chance vs. no chance; seems to me the odds favour full calls. And
it's been my experience that if I can't break a pileup with my full
call, I ain't gonna break it with two letters, particularly given the
fact a lot of ops ignore the last two guys, as evidenced by this

And having been on the other end of the pileup (and you get good
pileups from VE4 if you're in SS) I can say I greatly appreciate guys
who at least give me a chance to get their full call in one shot. With
very few exceptions, I will always work a full call before I'll work a
partial. And there are few times (for me, anyway) when I haven't been
able to pull out at least ONE full call from a pileup.

I also like the fact that full calls distinguish us from the CBers on
the DX nets.

73, kelly

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