[CQ-Contest] Last 2 - no thanks

Jan.E.Holm at telia.se Jan.E.Holm at telia.se
Fri Mar 31 12:16:38 EST 2000

      Yes, VE4XT (and VK5GN in another post) is exactly right.
      Why in earth slow something down when you don´t have to?
      This is exactly what happens when you don´t call with your
      full call sign, i.e. you remove the possibility to copy the 
      callers complete call which is what atleast I strive for, 
      nothing will beat that for speed.
      Also if signals are weak it´s very important to call in a very
      precise and exact manner, some people forexample calls
      with the full call but at the end they add either last two or
      last three or sometimes the prefix only or whatever, that
      totaly screws things up. If signals are weak it is very very
      important to articulate and call in a very precise manner.
      One of my biggest whishes is to get rid of this last two 
      or not using your correct call sign syndrom.
      In the last WPX on clown from USA called med with last
      two and I told him that it´s actualle illegal these days to
      do so, he responded that he tought it ok to do so during
      a contest, at that point I didn´t know if I was going to laugh
      or cry so I just said bye bye to him and continued.
      Why can´t the cq contest comittee forexample put in the 
      rules that it´s not apropriate to use last 2 or anything else
      but your given call sign? After all it´s not legal any more in
      the US. Wouldn´t this be a step in the right direction?, 
      And also in every contest write up push for it.

      de Jim SM2EKM

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