[CQ-Contest] New Contest Books :-)

K4tmc at aol.com K4tmc at aol.com
Fri Mar 31 18:24:11 EST 2000

The Big Gun Journal publishers have been working 48 hour weekends to get 
these new book available; therefore, there will not be a Big Gun Journal 
Volume 3 this year.

Big Gun Journal Publications announces the following new contest books, 
available April 1:

Contesting for Dummies
Cliff Notes on Contesting
Cabrillo for Dummies
Contest Antennas for Dummies
Antenna Tuners for Dummies
DSP for Dummies
Understanding Contest Scores
UBN for Dummies
Cliff Notes on Paper Logging
Cliff Notes on Extra and Advanced Exams

And, available after April 15, 2000 -
Contesting for Real Dummies
Cliff Notes on New Extra-Lite Exam

Call 1-800-BIG-GUNJ, operators are standing by!!! :-)

Back to reality....

Henry Pollock - K4TMC
Raleigh, NC

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