[CQ-Contest] Robot Op Challenge

Zack Widup w9sz at prairienet.org
Wed May 31 23:54:28 EDT 2000

On Wed, 31 May 2000, Glenn Rattmann wrote:

> At 02:07 PM 05/31/2000 -0600, K9MA wrote:
> >I can hardly wait:  Someday I'll be able to just start up the robot Friday
> >night, go off skiing for the weekend, and come back Sunday night to find out
> >how I did.   Now that's exciting contesting!
> Even more exciting would be entering as category RPA (Robot-Packet
> Assisted).  The robots can find mults for each other while you have your
> hot split-pea soup at the ski lodge.
> About that time, I will list my home/station for sale and let someone else
> do this stuff.
> K6NA
> k6na at contesting.com

This is certainly a fascinating thread.  It brings up the question "Why

I imagine many do it to win.  Nothing wrong with that.  There is a certain
thrill in seeing your name (or callsign) in lights. "W#XYZ has WON the
CONTEST for (his section)!"

But who has actually won if a robot does it all?  I contest for the fun of
DOING it.  I usually don't care particularly if I'm going to win.  The fun
I get out of operating the contest - with my own voice or my own keyer -
makes it worth it.

I usually feel a little letdown after a contest is over. Not because I
didn't win, but rather because it's over.

It might be interesting to see a robot in action for a bit - once - just
to say it could be done.  But if I'm going to have hot split-pea soup at
the ski lodge while a robot makes all the QSO's, I'd rather just enjoy the
soup and skip the contest.

73, Zack W9SZ

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