[CQ-Contest] Need Help w/ PSQSL

W5ASP at aol.com W5ASP at aol.com
Mon May 1 00:13:03 EDT 2000

Back in 1992 Gary, W9XT put together a really neat program called PSQSL which 
would sort QSL labels in the proper order for submitting outgoing QSL cards 
to the ARRL's Outgoing QSL Bureau.  I've used this program with great success 
over the ensuing years, but it's gottten a bit outdated. 

I wonder if there is anyone out there who may also still be using this 
program,  and if so has anyone created or found an updated version of the 
BUREAU.LST file which conforms to the new prefix/countires handled by the 
ARRL's Outgoing Bureau.  

I guess there ought to be some clever way to rearrange the CT CTY.DAT file in 
the proper sequence, but I'm not that well versed in file manipulation. 

Any help or suggestions ?


Joe, W5ASP

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