[CQ-Contest] When and why did rules change?

John Unger w4au at contesting.com
Wed May 3 13:13:45 EDT 2000

This year's and, from the description of the results, last year's
WPX TS category reads "tribander/single element".  When I looked at
the 1998 results in "CQ Contest" the category was described as
"tribander/single wire", which i show I had remembered the category
as being described.

I don't remember there being any discussion of this change, but my
memory sometimes is not all that great... The reason I'm asking is
that I don't think the escalation of antenna type was a good idea. A
single wire is such a simple antenna while a rotating dipole(s)
seems like a big step up from that. Does anyone know why this change
was made? 

Also, didn't the original rules also have a height limitation for
the tribander?

73 - John, W4AU

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