[CQ-Contest] CQ YO/LZ

Tony Rogozinski trogo at telegraphy.com
Wed May 3 19:30:46 EDT 2000

I will be going to Bucharest and Sofia prior to WRTC and would
like to meet some of the local contesters in those cities during
my short visit.  Arrive Bucharest on June 30 and Sofia on July 2.
Any YO/LZ's reading this mail please contact me via email. 
Oh yes, I will also be in Vienna during that period for at least 
one overnight and would like to hear from any of the OE gang
who live in that area.

Thanks and 73


"I collect telegraphy keys and most anything
  related to telegraphy especially old or unusual
  bugs (semi automatic keys).  Please email or
  call toll free 888-848-1572 if you have anything
  to sell or trade!"

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