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Maurizio Panicara i4jmy at iol.it
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> "Tribander/Single Element (TS): Tribander (any type) with a single
> feedline from the transmitter to the antenna and single element (TS)
> category. During the contest, an entrant shall use only one (1) tribander
> for 10, 15, 20 meters and single-element antennas on 40, 80, and 160"
> I think this is an excellent set of rules, as it clearly defines the
> category without limiting its configuration.

Probably it's my own interpretation, but the TS original spirit was that to
start a category whose environment and antenna requirements weren't too big
to allow a large group of standard equipped Hams to compete between each
other and not to be "squeezed" or "mixed" in other categories among the much
greater gain antennas or aerial setups.
"Stretching" again rules and defining, i.e., complex or large wire antennas
like "undefined single wires" could be beyond the original TS aimings.
No one else than contest organizers could say the final words about.

Mauri I4JMY

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