[CQ-Contest] Re: When and why did the rules change

Tom Osborne w7why at freewwweb.com
Sun May 7 05:18:52 EDT 2000

Ron Wetjen wrote:

>We should be concerned with the intent and spirit of the rule >as written, instead of wasting time trying to find ways around >it.

Hi Ron

Good idea, but it will never happen.  As long as there are rules,
there are people who try to circumnavigate the rules.  It happens
in every class--someone pushes the rule to the limit because it
makes them think they will then have an advantage over other
participants who are following the rules to the letter.  Look at
the "unassisted" class.  In the results of a contest last year,
there were less than 50 entries in the assisted class.  There
will always be cheaters, but they are just cheating themselves. 

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