[CQ-Contest] WPX & "whats a tribander?"

john-k1rc at juno.com john-k1rc at juno.com
Sat May 13 15:08:16 EDT 2000

I can't stand it any more.......

(Nothing personal, Guys.)
A TRIBANDER is a SINGLE antenna, whether it be A multi-element
and/or trapped  yagi or any other SINGLE directional antenna which
operates on 3 bands (IE Tribander,) and in this case,used as a supplement
to a stations wire antennas.

Its not a STACK or a GAGGLE or a HURD or a FLOCK of antennas. 

But then, some people are trying to  use Prez. Clinton's definition of 
Tribander, and put up anything that can be hoisted by a 40 ton crane... 

You people out there are trying to bend the rules so much, the
rules are gonna wrap right around and bite you in the ass!

My flame suit is just back from the cleaners, aim straight and 
dont burn any holes in the furniture.........

73 all and G'day,

John K1RC

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