[CQ-Contest] New Contesting.com web site

Dave Pascoe KM3T km3t at contesting.com
Thu May 25 19:55:21 EDT 2000

Hi everyone,

We have created a new contesting.com web site.  Those of you familiar with
eHam.net will notice some similarities.  The two sites are running on the
same infrustructure.  If you go to www.contesting.com today and see the
same site you are used to seeing, then the DNS changes have not caught up
with you yet.  It should change for you within the next 2 days.

I'd like to encourage you all to add your photos to the site along with
some descriptive text.  Currently there are three areas for adding
1) Spotlight - Pictures of contesters, groups of contesters, etc.
2) Multi-Corner - Pictures from your multi operations 
3) Stations -Pictures of contest stations and antennas 
4) Dayton Shots - Pictures from Dayton.   DON'T BE SHY!

We also have an Articles application.  Don't think that you can't write an
article.  I've seen some emails sent to this reflector that could be
classified as articles.  If you have anything to say, then say it here.  
We are all interested.  Once an article is activated, anyone can post
follow up comments that appear after the article.

Area to discuss contesting issues.

Bulletin board for misc stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else on the site.
Funny stuff, famous quotes, whatever. 

Contesting survey questions

Contesting Links
We are trying to build up our contesting links again.  Lisa, K7UQT, has
been working hard to add links, but if you have a contesting web site or
know of one, please take some time to enter it here.

There are several people working on the site...WE'RE ACTIVELY LOOKING FOR
VOLUNTEERS!  If you're interested in helping please email
<km3t at contesting.com> and let me know what you're interested in doing.

Bill Fisher W4AN <w4an at contesting.com>
Bill was one of the original founders and the driving force behind
contesting.com.  He has led the redesign and is the guy responsible for
making all this happen.  He has donated a ton of personal time to see that
contesting.com thrives and becomes the "place to go" for contesters
around the world.

Trey Garlough <trey at kkn.net>
Trey is one of the original founders of contesting.com.  Trey has also
been the moderator of the CQ-CONTEST mailing list and is always coming up
with interesting new ideas on how we can all communicate better.  Not only
that, but if you were at the Dayton 2000 Contest Banquet, you know that
he also gave a very entertaining speech for CQ Contest Hall of Fame
Inductee Tree, N6TR.

Leigh Jones KR6X <kr6x at kr6x.com>
Leigh has served as the site manager for contesting.com over the many
months.  He has contributed a lot of time and made some great
contributions to the content organization on contesting.com.

Dave Pascoe KM3T <km3t at contesting.com> <webmaster at contesting.com>
Dave is one of the original founders of contesting.com and has provided
web server, email, network, and security expertise to the team.  Dave was
an active participant on the CQ-CONTEST mailing list, along with W4AN,
N5KO, and AD1C, back in the "early days" of the 'net, before "all this web
stuff."  Dave plans to take a much more active role again in the operation
and growth of contesting.com.

Jim Reisert AD1C <AD1C at contesting.com>
Jim is one of the original contributors to contesting.com.  He has donated
a lot of his time to maintaining the mailing lists and keeping them
running smoothly.  Jim is also the guy who maintains all the
country/section files that are so important to our contest efforts.

Randy Thompson K5ZD <k5zd at ma.ultranet.com>
Randy is another early contributor to contesting.com.  Randy set up
and collected data for the Station Tour section of contesting.com.
He also set up a lot of the "look and feel" of contesting.com.


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