[CQ-Contest] Information Opinions for Article

Lee Buller k0wa at southwind.net
Fri May 26 09:47:00 EDT 2000

Ladies and Gentlemen....

I am in the process of researching for an article on contesting and I need
your input, information and opinions.

The series of articles I am working on is about various aspects of
contesting and what has made contesting such a big part of ham radio.  What
I need to know is this:

Between 1960 and 1980 (20 years) what was the rig or rigs that gave
contesting a push during that time period?  Why?  What features were

I am excluding the 80s and 90s because I think there was another
"watershed" of rigs during that time.  I am concentrating on the time where
the transciever came into play instead of separate receivers and
transmitters.  For instances, what rig or rigs did have an impact and this
is not an exhaustive list....

HW -Line
SB- Line
FTdx - Line
TS - Line
Ten-Tec Tritons

And what was the cause or reason why these types of rigs spured contesting?

Thanks for the opinion.  Please email me off the list so we do not clutter
up mail boxes....

Lee Buller
k0wa at southwind.net

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