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robbins at berkshire.net robbins at berkshire.net
Tue Oct 3 15:57:54 EDT 2000

there have been a couple good ideas in this thread after all...
1. real time video/audio to let contest sponsors referee you via the internet 
as in wrtc but without the travel.
2. how about extra points for advertising amateur radio during a contest, ala
field day.
3. contests with a 'half time' sound interesting, but maybe too hard to 
pick the right time.
4. selling ads during the video, i wonder how much kenwood or yaesu would pay
to show my station with 6 of their radios in use?  maybe i could get a couple
more 1000mp's out of it???  maybe i should point the outside camera at a
tower full of cushcraft aluminum and try to sell them on it?

as far as using cameras, i have 3 of them running for major contests now.
2 in the shack with different views being uploaded to the web and the third
making a time-lapse video of operators coming and going... much more reliable
than ct's opon/opoff commands to see who is on which band.  and really cute 
to watch the whole contest in 10-15 minutes after the contest... lets see, 
how much could i sell copies of last year's cqww video for???

check out the webcams (one is on 24/7 now) at http://k1ttt.net

> All these exchanges about a webcam being solicitation seems like a waste to
> me. If someone is running a webcam its just a little addition to the
> 'sport'.  In Field Day they want you to get all the publicity for Ham Radio
> that you can - thats a great way to do it. I run a webcam all the time, Im
> not running it to solicit anything. And if everyone is so worried about what
> could be technically called solicitation for contacts, what about announcing
> in the DX Newletters (print and internet) where you are going to be
> operating (DXPeditions for a big contest operation)?

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