[CQ-Contest] Attracting Contesters

Barry Merrill barry at mxg.com
Wed Oct 4 22:06:48 EDT 2000

I think anything that attracts non-contesters
to participate  in contests are in our best   
interest, including web-cams, but I think
there is a better, and far easier way to
increase contest activity:

Take five minutes several days a week,
when conditions are good to somewhere,
and answer every CQing station you hear.

How many times have you tuned across a CQ,
and passed it by because it wasn't "rare",
and maybe wasn't even "DX"?

How long will that ham continue to call CQs 
that are unanswered before he gives up and   
turns off his radio permanently?

Every ham lost is one less potential contester.

If we don't keep the non-contesters active 
on ham radio, they'll never become contesters.

Your contact with him, even as short as 
can only help but to increase ham activity,
and perhaps motivate him to investigate the
next contest!

This year at Dayton, Dick, N6AA, presented the
results from the 1936 ARRL DX Contest.  As I
recall, the winning station worked 90 hours
and made a total of 236 QSOs back in 1936.

I plan to operate in the 2036 ARRL DX Test 
(I'll only be 95 then), and I'm hoping there
will still be at least 236 hams to talk to then.

If we each don't do our part outside of tests,
there won't be any.

Barry, W5GN

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