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Bernd Och bernd.och at boc.de
Wed Oct 11 12:12:46 EDT 2000


as a follow-up I would just like to quote a few answers to my email.
I have added a few remarks, too:

> First let me say that I agree with you 100 % on many of the points
> that you made. [...]
> I also have no problem with guys marketing their Dxpeditions with
> webpages and such and maybe saying "we will be around 14.020 etc....."
> But your banner does say " Call us again in CQWW 2000" which could be
> misconstrued by many as being a solicitation to call you guys in the
> contest.

Rem.: Well, of course, this is the intention :-)   The banner ad is sort
of advertisement, and is placed before the contest, just like a line in a
DX bulletin... We will not publish any real-time running frequencies on the
internet during the contest. We just try to be on our announced freq's.


> I wholly support your thoughts with the exception of the banner bit
> if left in place during the contest and it is likely to be seen by
> and it in any ways indicates your intent or activity in the contest.
> XX8XX IS ON THE AIR FROM WONDERLAND is an invite in my mind.
> XX8XX, WONDERLAND, QSL to QQ1QQ would not be be an invite, but close.
> The message before the contest like XX9XX WILL BE ON IN THE CQ WW
> CONTEST, MULTI-MULTI that ends up in an archive is like a notice in a DX
> bulletin, that someone can go to find information, but basically has to
> take several extra effort to get to.  Information about your trip in a
> web page for your contest station would be the same provided you have
> not placed pointers with contest info.

Rem.: That's a point. Although most of us will be in the contest during the
contest - and not surfing the internet - I herewith ask the contesting.com
people to take out our banner on Friday, October 27, a few hours before
the contest... So no misconstruction should occur...

> I never saw this banner of yours, but am wondering where
> I can get it, in case I want to display it on my web page (for
> free).  I'm actually looking for some sort of amateur radio
> banner exchange program, but for non-commercial web sites only.
> Visit dx.qsl.net/cqdx.  I have been running a pretty popular
> chatroom for DXers, contesters, etc for over two years on IRC.
> The room even has spots in it and DXtelnet can even grab spots from it.
> Good answer.  And good luck in CN8!

73 Ben

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