[CQ-Contest] November QST and new ARRL Antenna Book out

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Sat Oct 21 21:21:14 EDT 2000

Front cover photo of NJ1Q working with EZNEC for Windows with one hand on the 
PC mouse and the other on the latest ARRL Antenna Book (see below for more on 
this) with the caption "Antenna Modeling for Beginners"; feature article 

Contest related items:
Correspondence - letter titled "Contests Do Not Prepare Operators for 
A Beginner's Guide to Modeling with NEC, Part 1 (using EZNEC)
Discover the Wonderful World of Contesting
Coping with Cabrillo
Another Look at Tower Work
Hints & Kinks - Strengthen Your Cushcraft D40 Rotatable Dipole
Product Review - Yaesu Mark-V FT-1000MP
General Rules for All ARRL Contests
2000 ARRL 10-Meter and 160-Meter Contests Rules
Results - 2000 ARRL International DX Contest Phone

Other interesting items:
Utilizing the Constant Bombardment of Cosmic Debris for Routine Communications
Short Takes - DXTelnet 4.7, LogWindows 3.07.30, RITTY 4.0, and Ham University
Product Review - NorCal SMK-1 QRP Transceiver Kit
Old Radio - Hallicrafters S-1
QRP Power - NorCal 40A, an Instant Classic

Icom has full page ad for their new IC-910H, 100W VHF/75W UHF, rig.
MFJ has a new device called a Speech Intelligibility Enhancer, MFJ-616 (with 
a picture of Mr. MFJ himself). 
ARRL CD-ROM Collections now include an NCJ CD with all issues from 1973 
through 1998.
Timewave is back with a new DSP-599zx V-5 Noise Killer.
The new 19th edition of the ARRL Antenna Book is available (got mine last 
week, see below for details)
There is a new ARRL More Wire Antenna Classics, Vol. 2.
The back cover includes picture and some details on Kenwood's new "All 
Band/All Mode Transceiver", 160M to 1200MHz (no model number!).

ARRL Antenna Book:

Upon arriving home Thursday afternoon, I noticed a package at the front door. 
 Thinking that my new ARRL Life Membership Plaque had finally arrived, I was 
surprised to find the 19th Edition of the ARRL Antenna Book.  I had forgotten 
that I ordered it a while back.

Well, there is lots of new information inside, and a supplemental CD-ROM also 
is included.  There are 810 pages versus the 728 pages in the 18th edition.

The back cover states that 40% of this edition is either new or revised: 
K7NV on towers and antenna support structures
W4RNL on log periodic dipole arrays
N6LF & W7EL on multielement phased arrays
AI1H on broadband antennas
Updates on quads, long-wire and multiband antennas
Updated YW (Yagi for Windows) and TLW (Transmission Line for Windows) on the 
Updated information on elevation angles, including more statistical analyses 
and more locations covered
Summary propagation tables covering all phases of the 11-year solar cycle 
from more than 140 locations

That's all….
See you in the CQWW SSB next weekend.  Good Luck!

Henry Pollock - K4TMC
Raleigh, NC

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