[CQ-Contest] CW Sprint Logs

n6tr at teleport.com n6tr at teleport.com
Sun Oct 22 16:37:09 EDT 2000

One last call for any CW Sprint logs out there.  I can accept them 
via e-mail for another day or two.  You can check to make sure you
log made it to the "log checking computer" at http://www.ncjweb.com.
I have all of the paper logs received listed there now.

Please send logs to cwsprint at ncjweb.com.  Phone logs go to 
ssbsprint at ncjweb.com and rtty spring logs to rttysprint at ncjweb.com.

The following stations made at least 100 QSOs in the CW Sprint and
and their log didn't make it to the log checking computer yet.  

      Callsign  Estimated QSOs
        KG5U         186
        WW2Y         278
       VE6EX         218
        K1RX         126
        W8UE         128
        N3GJ         180
        W4OC         240
        N4TO         164
        N5TP         122
        KT3Y         286
        K9YO         222
        W2GD         286
       VA3RU         198
       K4QPL         136
        K5OJ         192
        WJ9B         166
        WS7L         160
        N4OX         220
        N6PN         182
        WB0O         274
       VE5ZX         150
        N0UR         138
        W7OM         144
        K5TQ         100
        K3WU         140
        K8DX         214
       WI9WI         212
        K0SN         126
       VO1MP         112
       W7WHY         120

73 Tree N6TR
n6tr at contesting.com

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