[CQ-Contest]Don´t be dicouraged

Martín Monsalvo LW9EUJ lw9euj at ciudad.com.ar
Wed Oct 25 10:11:36 EDT 2000

An LU fellow contester, told me he was not going to enter CQ WW, because he
has just a multiband vertical as an antenna system!
I replied: "..that's enough to have fun.."
I was planning an all band effort from a good station near my city, but
during a recent wind storm some of the antennas were damaged.
So, I will be operating from my father's (LU6EBY): Only wires and not enough
room to fit a keyboard on the operatin table at his workshop!!
But I know for sure I'll have lots of fun.
Don't be discouraged by the "size" of your station. Join the activity.
Martin, LW9EUJ

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