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Scott Robbins w4pa at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 30 13:56:28 EST 2000

Wally wrote:

>Hi Fellows,

>During the contest on Sunday evening I was on 80m and
>heard IQ4A operator to say " CQ Far East and Pacific
-> IQ4A ". Since we needed a QSO with IQ4A on 80m I
>gave him a call after seeing that no one was
>calling him from specified areas of the world.
>The answer was - "I am sorry ,but I am a multiplier
>station and I can not work you now on 80m "???
>From that moment on same operator started calling -
>CQ Far East for multipliers - IQ4A" ??? Then I
>mentioned to the operator that as far as I know a
>multiplier station of M/S crew is NOT allowed to call
>CQ to try to get new multipliers. At least that is
>the way I understand the rules of CQWW.
>His answer was that I do not know exactly what the
>rules are saying and that is fully legal to call CQ
>for new multipliers from multipliers station
>while a running station is also calling CQ on another
>MY QUESTION - Is this allowed to have two stations
>calling CQ on different bands even if one of them is
>saying he is calling for new multipliers only ???
To the letter of the rules, probably yes.

Highly unethical and not within the "spirit of the
rules" (dontcha love that phrase), also yes.  

Scott Robbins, W4PA

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