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Ron D. Rossi rrossi at btv.ibm.com
Tue Oct 31 08:35:48 EST 2000

>>>Scott Robbins said:
> Wally wrote:
> >Hi Fellows,
> ...  
> >MY QUESTION - Is this allowed to have two stations
> >calling CQ on different bands even if one of them is
> >saying he is calling for new multipliers only ???
> To the letter of the rules, probably yes.
> Highly unethical and not within the "spirit of the
> rules" (dontcha love that phrase), also yes.  

Well I think I am in a perfect position to comment on this. (A very rare 
occasion indeed!). This was my second CQWW. My first serious one as well as my 
first M/S. I don't know much about M/S strategy or the most efficient method 
of creating QSOs. Late in the contest when we felt we needed more multipliers 
I was at the second radio which was really set up just to listen and fill the 
bandmap when a second op was present. We had no interlock between the radios, 
but in the last two hours were using hand signals (we were RIGHT next to each 
other) to let the running station know to stop talking. This worked okay for 
the whopping six contacts we made with it. To the point though...I seriously 
thought about calling for mults on 40m since I did not have "K" or zone 3. I 
read the rules and NOTHING said anything about that. I had no unethical 
feeling about it. I did not do it becase of the timing issue between the 
stations, but surely would have if I thought I could have worked that out.

So from an "First timer, only reading the rules perspective", it is just fine.

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