[CQ-Contest] M/S CQing

kl7ra kl7ra at blizzard.gcgo.nasa.gov
Tue Oct 31 04:18:42 EST 2000

Kenny  writes

>It is perfectly legal to call CQ on the MULT station.

I don't read the rules that way at all. Running two transmitters
calling CQ at the same time is Multi-Multi. Calling CQ isn't
working a multiplier. The listening world has no idea if you are
scoring the Q's as zero points and this interpretation allows
someone to enter M/M then "fix" the log to M/S.

"All" the rules read:

" A. Single Operator Categories:
"Single band or all band; only one signal allowed at any one time;
---one signal for s/o.

"C. Multi-Operator (all band operation only):
"1. Single Transmitter: Only one transmitter and one band
"during any 10-minute period.
---one signal for m/s.

" 2. Multi-Transmitter: No limit to transmitters, but only one
signal and
"running station allowed per band.
 ---one signal per band for m/m.

It seems clear to me the author of these rules wanted the
of competition to reflect the number of active transmitters. To
m/s more fun they added the exception:

" Exception: One-and only one-other band may be used during any
"10-minute period if-and only if-the station worked is a new

Calling CQ isn't working a mult, but a violation of the rules, as
in their entirety.

Also another rule:
"Only the entrant's callsign can be used to aid the entrant's

To me says that you can't call a weak OK1 on 15 meters using
another call  to see if they can hear you and call it "DXing" when
it's only to test the propagation to move the running station.

Before we get into a ton of rule changes it's best to keep them
simple and use the "intent" clause. Someone will always find
a way to slither around a written "rule".

My opinion (at 3am, 5 degrees F, foot of snow on the ground and
of course, aurora horizon to horizon is:
"Logs found in violation of the 10-minute rule will be
"reclassified as multi-multi.

The same as CQ's.

73 Rich KL7RA

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