[CQ-Contest] Ionospheric heating

Dean Norris dnorris at k7no.com
Tue Apr 3 19:16:32 EDT 2001

At 15:42 4/3/01, Tony Field wrote:

 >Please explain why my 100W produces S9 signals in Europe.
 >If I put on my 500W amplifier, the signal in Europe sometimes
 >increases to S9+20 (no Lulu, this not a case of S-meteritis).  Of
 >course, more often the indicated increase is 5-8 dB.
 >tony (ve6yp)

Not sure what S-meter it is but how do you know what the receiver s-meter
characteristics are at the Europe QTH?  My FT990 is rather "accurate" on
20-15M.  My IC706 ain't accurate anywhere.  Now, By accurate I mean that it
has been set for 50uV for s-9 and seems to go in 6db steps/s-unit on those
bands.  Won't say for other bands but it is relatively close.


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