[CQ-Contest] Ionospheric heating

DF3KV at aol.com DF3KV at aol.com
Thu Apr 5 23:02:43 EDT 2001

I found similar effects are regular and reproducable on VHF.
2 or 3 time the week I schedule with a friend about 350km from
my qth on 144Mc.
When we start signal strength is around S9.
After about 20 minutes signals are up to 9+20 and stay that high.
ERP on both sites is around 120KW.

More then 30 years I serviced a forward scatter station near cologne
running at 70Mc.
ERP was enormous with the 45m dish and a klystron amp, but the 800km path was
reliable with 99,99% ( 0,1% due to service ) to Verona, Italy.
Information transmitted were 120 RTTY channels.

On HF so far I did  notice similar effects only on backscatter, but might be
worth to run some tests with overseas stations point to point.

73 de Peter, DF3KV

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