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That's an old VHF communications technique used before of the
communications satellites "age". A very high frequency and the huge ERP
involved allowed to sufficiently receive a relatively wide multiplexed
channel using troposferic scatter effects.
The VHF tropo scatter mode has a limited range (less than 1000 miles)
and little to do with ionospheric propagation.
Ionosphere "heating" because of contests can be a nice 1st April joke
(like it was the "floating mirrors" story) but totally out of
discussion if taken seriously.
The ionospheric phenomenas useable by Hams during their HF competitions
are not produced by their emissions neither by other terrestrial
communication systems.
Signals are better or worse because of solar and/or geomagnetical
Signals are often enhanced around sunrise and sunset or because of
antipodal focusing.
Humans are emotional beeings that often need emotions to feel good.

Mauri I4JMY

 > ERP was enormous with the 45m dish and a klystron amp, but the 800km
path was
 > reliable with 99,99% ( 0,1% due to service ) to Verona, Italy.
 > Information transmitted were 120 RTTY channels.
 > On HF so far I did  notice similar effects only on backscatter, but
might be
 > worth to run some tests with overseas stations point to point.
 > 73 de Peter, DF3KV

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