[CQ-Contest] Does Dayton hurt the WPX CW Contest?

Bill Fisher W4AN w4an at contesting.com
Tue Apr 17 23:56:36 EDT 2001

I was just talking to Scott (KA9FOX) about Dayton and was telling him I
probably wasn't coming because I have plans for WPX CW.  You see, my XYL
would not see the humor in my doing two ham radio weekends in a row, and
one of them being on a holiday weekend.  Scott said that he was pretty
much in the same boat, except that he was doing the Dayton thing.

So I'm just wondering...  Has the Dayton Hamvention move to the weekend
before WPX CW hurt the contest attendance?  Is anyone else missing the WPX
who might have otherwise operated because of Dayton?

Just curious.  Not proposing anything be changed, so calm down.  The
Russians will be there either way... thank goodness.



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