[CQ-Contest] lightning season info

David Robbins k1ttt at berkshire.net
Wed Apr 18 16:16:02 EDT 2001

with lightning season here and spring/summer (though i still have 1-2' of snow
on the ground here!) contests getting under way here are a few links that may
prove useful.  please feel free to pass these on to anyone else who may be
planning to play or work outside, or even inside on a radio.  remember of 
that these don't replace common sense, if a storm is around take all possible
safety precautions.

free lightning location map.  this is a nationwide map of ground strikes in the
last 2 hours.  it is updated every 15 minutes (you have to press refresh to get
the update manually).
more detailed and real time local maps are available for a price.  there are
lots of options for areas and update rates, check the links for the Lightning

for summer contests, field day, or family outings:
if you want to be notified of approaching storms via pager or email you can 
up for as short a period as 3 hours for $4.95, a weekend for $6.95, a month for
$19.95, or a whole year for $192 at:

if you have taken a strike and need to convince insurance adjuster:
they also have on-line report generation that can be used for insurance 
these let you get details of lighting for up to a 2 week period for $75, with
$10 options to get detailed stroke data and various maps at:

the usual disclaimer if anyone really cares... i don't work for them, but we do
use their services where i work.

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