[CQ-Contest] Does Dayton hurt the WPX CW Contest?

ragnar otterstad otterstad at enter.vg
Fri Apr 20 11:07:52 EDT 2001

 >>> I really don't understand why the CQ sponsors find it necessary to 
their two major CW contests on weekends that are sure to produce the maximum
domestic conflict. I suspect that family scheduling patterns and marriage
dynamics have changed a quite a bit since the dates were originally chosen,
so it would be a good idea to revisit the rationale and update the custom as
necessary. Contest sponsors should be doing everything they can to maximize
participation, and this includes recognizing that long contest weekends,
especially those scheduled on holidays, are not conducive to family harmony.

This is an international contest and you must appreciate that holiday
patterns are not the same everywhere.  If changes were made it would
probably impose problems elsewhere ! Besides there are not so many
contest-free weekends. It sounds like there is one contest or another almost
every weekend !

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