[CQ-Contest] SA TEAMS

CYBERGURUES lw9euj at ciudad.com.ar
Sun Apr 29 22:43:28 EDT 2001

Hello everybody:

I've been reading all the emails regarding this particular topic.
I know the Finns are doing their best to select the proper operators, but
specially they are planning the whole event to be a real success.
The problem behind the number of teams that will represent certain areas of
the world is very complex.
I'm sure that our OH friends would like to have more teams, and that way,
making WRTC closer to what we consider an Olympic event.
I don't like either that only two Wild Card TEAMS represent our countries,
but let's understand the situation. There is a budget, there are a limited
number of volunteers, etc.
I'm sure that if the Finns could arrange everything to invite 100 TEAMS
instead of 50 they would do it, but may be this is out of their reach.
In the particular case of SA I hope they count on us to see if it is
possible to help increase the number of TEAMS.
I believe this is a good issue to consider for future events. I mean, how
can we make of WRTC an even more representative and international event than
it is now?
Best wishes to you all.

Martin, LW9EUJ

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