[CQ-Contest] K4FCG/M by county breakdown FQP

Jim White, K4OJ k4oj at tampabay.rr.com
Mon Apr 30 11:21:58 EDT 2001

By county QSO breakdown - K4FCG/M - 28 Counties activated

AGAIN - sorry we were such alligators.

Someone suggested we do a poll of how loud the FL mobile stations were as a
comparison test of mobile antenna systems...I would be very interested in
this for future years/planning!  FWIW we ran a TS430S at about 60 watts out
into a Hustler mast with a quad adaptor on top so all of the 4 FQP bands
were QRV...

Sunday mid-day K3WW had mentioned he still needed Taylor so we started
heading that way, he eventually snagged someone else, K7SV needed GIL so we
did a side trip there, W3DYA needed CLM but we never heard from him.....will
be interesting to see how many guys swept with the poor condx....

K4FCG/Mobile FQP 2,001:

LAK 22
SUM 24
MAO 27
ALC 65
GIL 44
SUW 60
CLM 35
BAK 28
UNI 31
BRA 20
CLA 35
DUV 32
NAS 47
STJ 22
PUT 25
FLG 13
VOL 29
SEM 22
ORA 24
OSC 16
POL 13
HIL 29
PAS 21
HER 42
CIT 31
LEV 40
DIX 33
LAF 31

Total : 861 QSOs - a little better than I thought we had done but still
could have been a LOT better!

There's always next year!

A special thanks to those of you who kept us busy this weekend - the
entrants!  Without your participation we would not be paying for this much

And especially appreciate all the activity from the Michigan guys - there
were a lot of people following us as we passed through the counties - this
is the fun part for the mobile teams, knowing what was awaiting you when you
were fresh meat!


Jim, K4OJ & Kevin, N4KM

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