[CQ-Contest] Re: Hard-Sided Travel Cases?

KEN SILVERMAN k2kw at prodigy.net
Mon Apr 30 19:41:15 EDT 2001

 >Looking for sources of a good quality hard-sided, foam-lined case suitable
 >for transporting a FT-1000MP to the Caribbean for contesting. Does anyone
 >make one that is already carved out to the "right size" for an 'MP?


Many people use the Pelican 1650 case.  But the foam that can be purchased
from Pelican is NOT dense enough foam IMHO.  We get a high-density custom
foam insert made locally, which runs us another $100, but is well worth it.
Also, it is important to properly orient the MP within the 1650 case.

I would suggest checking out my www.dxholiday.com website, which has a
writeup on the shipping the MP in the Pelican 1650 case.  You can get
directly to the article at: http://www.dxholiday.com/dxresources.htm and
then click on "Shipping Equipment".

Kenny K2KW

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