[CQ-Contest] ARRL CW - No Packet

Tom Osborne w7why at harborside.com
Sat Dec 1 02:04:20 EST 2001

"Marijan Miletic, S56A" wrote:
> My eyesight has deteriorated, my writing was always poor but >what I hate most is keeping track of QSO time. 

What would you do with the logs??  Can't send in paper logs any
more :-)
Worse thing was trying to keep track of the dupes.  Wasn't bad
when it was just W or K.  Then WA came along--had to think up
another code for that one.  Then the floodgate of prefixes came
along and everything changed.  Same with JA.  A dupe sheet used
to be on one sheet of paper, and just before computers came
along, I used a big piece of butcher paper all full of squares,
etc to dupe calls.  What a nightmare that was.  Last paper
contest I did was a WPX CW test.  Did 685 Q's with a bug and
paper.  Figuring multipliers afterward was a nightmare.  Course,
then we also had to keep a personal log for FCC regs so you
either used carbon paper :-( or had to re-copy all the calls into
your station log.  Don't think I'd like to go back to that
again.  But no packet is the best idea I've heard yet Bill. 
Don't have it here.  Hate those packet pileups!  73

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